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Mide Küçültme Doktoru Dr.Kaplan Baha Temizgönül

 Kaplan Baha Temizgönül MD

 Bariatric Surgeon


 Dr. Kaplan BahaTemizgonul is highly experienced in advanced laparoscopic surgery due to his crucial training and vast amount procedures he has performed. He has a good reputation among his patients as easy to talk to. 

 He has been working as a bariatric surgeon in his own practice since 2015.   He has recruited for suburban practice at Syrian border of Turkey.   Between 2014-2015 during his practice, he gained experience in war surgery and advanced laparoscopy. He has started to get involved in bariatric surgery since his residency which was in the highest volume center in laparoscopic surgery training and research hospital at Istanbul between  2009- 2014 (Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital). Dr. Kaplan BahaTemizgonul is a graduate of Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine which is the cradle of sleeve gastrectomy procedures in Turkey. He has earned his MD in 2005. 

 At 2007 he has his first attempt in United States Medical Licensing Examination. He has several published articles in medical literature.


 Dr. Kaplan BahaTemizgonul is married with children. He is talking in English fluently, moderate in German and beginner in Russian.

Selvi Nur Pacci


 Selvi Nur Pacci was born at 1994 in İstanbul. She was graduated from  İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University- Nutrition and Dietetics (100% English) at 2015.  After College education she has attended postbariatric nutrition and postbariatric dietian courses and now she is working on her masters degree ( İstanbul University- Faculty of Science- Public Health (2019-now). She gained certificates about postbariatric nutrition.  (Multidisciplinary Nutrition Approach to Metabolic Bariatric Surgery Psychology and Mental Violence in Health,  Functional Nutrients and Their Effects on Health Multidisciplinary Approach to Bariatric Surgery in the Treatment of Obesity Nutrition Consciousness and Psychology ). 

 Selvi Nur Pacci can speak English in advanced level due to her elementary school years at U.S of America.

 She is a member of Obesity and Diabetes Surgery and Beyond Society.

 She is giving nutritional support for postbariatric patients in Lotus Bariatrics  since 2019.


 Merve Saraçoğlu

Clinical Psychologist

 Merve Saraçoğlu has graduated from İstanbul University of Commerce Psychology department. After that she has finished University of Bristol Clinical Psychology Programme. She has finished  Cognitive and behavioral therapy education at 2013 and become a psychotherapist. Also at 2012 she has cpmpleted European Psychodrama Organisation Courses. She has done researches at Brighton Sussex University on 'Eating Disorders and Anxiety'. She has participated in Lotus Center for Bariatric Surgery at 2017 and still giving support for our patients about postbariatric psychology, eating disorders and diet motivation.

Mide küçültme sonrası psikolojik destek için Psk. Merve Saraçoğlu

 Didem Yavuzbek Durmaz


 Didem Yavuzbek Durmaz has born t 1982 at Istanbul. Graduated from Kurtulus Highschool at 1999. At 2008 she has graduated from Anadolu University department of  Tourism.

 Didem Yavuzbek Durmaz can speak English intermediately.

 At 2007 she has worked as receptionist  at Memorial and American Hospital and at 2008 at e-lab laboratories. 

 She has participated in Lotus Bariatrics at 2017. She still serves as bariatric coordinator in our clinic.


Obezite cerrahisi koordinatörü Didem Yavuzbek

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