Treatment of Obesity

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Am I a Candidate for Bariatric Surgery?

 Body mass index (BMI) is a parameter for determining the severity of obesity . BMI is calculated as division of weight into square of height. (BMI=kg/m2). BMI> 25.99 is an alarm signal for overweight. BMI= 30 means obesity.

 BMI has handicaps for people which has high amount of muscle mass like bodybuilders. These people have higher BMI than others but cannot be defined as obese. Despite that BMI is an effective parameter for determining obesity and to have algorytims for treating obesity. 

Causes of Obesity

 Obesity simply caused by higher calorie intake than you consume. But infact this is much more complicated than this. Because obesity has genetic and metabolic basis. Especially if mother is obese in a family it causes a significant rise in the risk of obesity of kids.

 Metabolic disorders, medication, psychological factors may cause obesity additionally.

 Obesity can be prevented by early precations. The risk of modbidty and mortality it causes can be diminished by weightloss. We prefer you to lose weight by diet. We provide dietitian support for you.

 Emotional Hunger and Overeaitng

 Overeating habits according to emotional hunger has psychological basis. We also provide clinical psychologist support for not obese people to control their weight.

 It is important to take psycologic support after many surgical procedures but for bariatric surgery it is crucial. Because at postbariatric 1st month calorie intake diminishes significantly which can lead to mood near depression. We provide support for your weightloss journey at every step you take as a team.

How to Get Fit? 

 Our first choice is diet and exercises. For those who cannot maintain their ideal weight endoscopic gastric balloon can be an option. Gastric balloon provides support for diets.

 Obese and Morbidly obese people may not lose weight by these methods. So bariatric surgery needs to be considered in these group. We recommend healthy eating habits and exercises to all of our patients before and after surgery to stay fit.

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 Gastric Balloon

 Gastric balloon is not recommended for people who has ulcer in stomach, who use anticoagulants or who cannot tolerate antiulcer medication ( Proton pump inhibitors). For the rest it is safe and effective method which has FDA approval.

 You can lose upto %20 of excessive weight by intragastric balloon.

 Intragastric ballon replacement is an endoscopic procedure which is under general anesthesia.  It takes about 10-15 mins. People which lost weight by intragastric balloon described this period is almost similar as gastroscopy.

Indications for Bariatric Surgery

BMI≥ 40, or 45 kilos more than your ideal weight.

BMI ≥ 35 with diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, osteoartitis, elevated bloood cholesterol levels, cardiac diseases.

People cannot manage to lose weight with non-surgical methods with a period of time. ( At least 6 months).


 "New guidelines (2016) recommends bariatric surgery for BMI> 35 and BMI> 30 with comorbidities described above."

 We recommend to decide the best option for you with your dietitian, psychologist and your bariatric surgeon. 

  Postbariatric Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

 People which comes from extreme weights may need interventions for excessive at 12-18th months after bariatric surgery. 

 We also recommend you protein rich diet and start to do your exercises at 1st month after surgery to keep your muscle mass and to have less excessive skin.


Bariatric Surgery is a Teamwork

 The purpose of our bariatric surgery team is; starting your weightloss journey under safe surgical and follow up conditions for you which could not lose weight by diet and exercises. Weightloss journey for this group starts with bariatric surgery but you need to know this is a long run. Our bariatric team provides nutritional support with our dietitian, motiviation support with our psychologist. We aim to keep you fit and well for a long time.