Weight Loss Before Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery in Turkey

We need to evaluate obese patients nutritional status and habits before bariatric surgery. Before sleeve gastrectomy we evaluate patients with dietitian, psychologist and bariatric surgeon of our bariatric team for patient selection and patients compliance. Unfortunately obese patients may have nutritional deficiencies. Because of it, nutritional evaluation is crucial for morbidly obese and super obese patients at preoperative preparation of bariatric surgery.

Patients nutritional habits changes drastically at postbariatric period. We do encourage bariatric surgery candidates to lose weight before sleeve surgery. We are recommending a nutritional plan which is rich in protein and has low carbs before weight loss surgery. Its better to choose complex carbs and to reduce fatty acid intake. Calorie intake need to be calculated by a nutrition specialist, because very low calorie diets reduces patients muscle mass, which is not recommended.

Liver shrinking diet before bariatric surgery provides also better patient compliance. Liver shrinking diet before bariatric surgery also gives patients a better recovery period after general anesthesia for sleeve surgery. Liver shrinking diet simply reduces the size of the liver which has altered due to fatty liver disease. Liver shrinking diet gives more place in abdomen for bariatric surgeon for performing safe weight loss surgery procedures.

Weight loss before bariatric surgery gives you a better recovery period according to medical literature. Because of these we do encourage our patients to start to lose weight even before weight loss surgery.

Patients medical conditions are different. For better results consult to your bariatric surgeon.

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