Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Sleeve surgery costs Turkey

Obesity is spreading world wide, thus WHO claimed “Obesity is epidemic”. Obesity surgery ( Bariatric surgery/ Weight loss surgery) is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Weight loss surgery is performed since 1950’s. Since then, hundreds of thousand people have underwent these procedures. Our recommendation for people who is looking for weight loss solutions is; first stick on your diet plan for at least 6 months and have your exercises. If these wont work, only then obesity surgery can be an option.

There is many weight loss surgery options. These can be classified in two main groups; Restrictive and malabsorptive procedures. The most commonly applied weight loss procedure is; Sleeve gastrectomy, world wide.

How does Sleeve Gastrectomy Performed?

Sleeve gastrectomy also known as; Vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), sleeve surgery and gastric sleeve. Technically, during the sleeve procedure; approximately 80% of the stomach is removed, vertically. Automated stapling devices has been used for gastric resection. Bariatric surgeons all around the world are divided into two groups. Some bariatric surgeons are just making the resection of sleeve gastrectomy with stapling devices. The group including us; putting reinforcement sutures over the stapling line. If we will compare the results according to medical literature it is alright to let the staple line by itself. But according to experienced surgeons and new studies in favor of reinforcement suture technique.

How Long is the Recovery of Sleeve Surgery?

Operation duration of sleeve gastrectomy varies because of these two different approaches. Without reinforcement sutures, it takes about one hour. With reinforcement sutures it takes about one and a half hour.

Recovery starts after operating room, we are recommending for 3 nights of hospital stay for this. Obesity surgery is mainly performed as laparoscopic ( Key hole) surgery. Because of this, recovery period is shorter comparing to open procedures. Patients can go to office work 5 days after sleeve surgery, if their doctor approves. For professions which requires more physical performances, we do recommend a rest for 10 days.

What are the Sleeve Surgery Side Effects?

Complications can happen for any kinds of surgery. Which are generally related with general anesthesia. As atelectasis (Shrinking of Lungs), deep vein thrombosis (Blood clotting). But main complication of sleeve surgery is leakage. This a wound healing defect which leads to a hole in the surgical site on the stomach. Leakage after sleeve surgery may lead to intra abdominal abscess. Leakage after sleeve surgery needs specific treatment including IV antibiotic therapy and drainage of the abscess. Risk of leakage is 3%, world wide. New studies shows better results with reinforcement suture technique. Overall complication risks of sleeve surgery is less than cholecystectomy ( Gall bladder removal).

Best is taking precautions before problems happens. We are using reinforcement suture technique in our sleeve surgery. Respiratory exercise is good solution for atelectasis. Precautions for deep vein thrombosis needs three steps; blood thinner injection before operation, pneumatic compression device during procedure and early mobilization after surgery. These are the well known precautions for minimizing the risk after sleeve surgery, but better to ask your bariatric surgeon for details.

Gastric Sleeve Diet

Weight loss journey starts in obesity surgery with the weight loss surgery. You need a supporting team for your weight loss journey. Bariatric dietitian is mandatory for bariatric teams. Your weight loss surgery will make you to come on your ideal weight (According to your excessive fat tissue) but after that the real challenge will be keeping yourself as fit as you can for long term.

Your bariatric dietitian will give a preoperative adaptation nutrition plan for sleeve surgery (Liver shrinking diet) for better results after sleeve surgery and will track your calorie, protein and liquid intake for better long term results.

What is a Obesity Surgery Support Team?

As we mentioned above; you need a supporting team for your weight loss journey. This bariatric team includes bariatric surgeon for kick start, bariatric psychologist for patient selection for better outcomes and psychological support for obesity for easy adaptation, bariatric dietitian support for better long term results.

Weight Loss Surgery Costs

There is many weight loss surgery options. For better outcomes, weight loss solutions need to be individualized. There is many aspects that has effect on the costs of weight loss.

Gastric sleeve costs are depending on; hospital conditions, special equipments for precautions (Pneumotic decompression devices) bariatric support team for after service (Including dietitian and psychologist), and many more.

The real question is not; How much sleeve surgery costs? The real question is how long i will stay fit after sleeve surgery?

Instead of focusing on the sleeve surgery costs, you should better to think about your life after sleeve surgery.

Your safety, comfort and long term outcomes is our priority. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further questions.

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