Sleeve Surgery Recovery Period

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Sleeve Surgery Recovery

Wound healing process starts at operating room. It takes 21 days for wound healing to be completed for Sleeve surgery scars.

Going back to work after sleeve surgery is related with this wound healing process. Laparoscopic (Key hole) surgery is accepted and performed world wide. Recovery after sleeve surgery has shorter duration because of laparoscopic (Key hole) surgery. Key hole surgery has many advantages as; small sleeve surgery scars, less pain after sleeve surgery and less risk of infection. Because of it sleeve surgery side effects and obesity surgery risks is reduced.

There is no certain limit for going back to work timing after sleeve surgery. It is world wide accepted that 5 days of rest is enough for office work if your doctor agrees with it. If you are planning to have your sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey, try to make your stay at least for 5 nights. If your profession needs physical effort, better to have a rest up to 4 weeks according to your tempo. But anyway better to have your rest as you will be feeling ok for going back to work after sleeve surgery.

Nutrition after Sleeve Surgery

First two weeks of nutrition after sleeve surgery is a little bit different. It is like feeding a baby. And it is crucial for sleeve surgery recovery.

We are providing nutritionist (Bariatric dietitian) support for regulations on your gastric sleeve diet. Our main aim is keeping you hydrated after obesity surgery. It is better for you take at least 6-8 cups of liquids per day after sleeve surgery.

Recovery Period After Other Weight Loss Surgery Options

There is other weight loss surgery options rather than sleeve gastrectomy. These are mainly gastric bypasses. Wound healing process is same after gastric bypasses (Mini gastric bypasss, Roux en Y bypass, Duodenal switch). Because of it going back to work timing is same like sleeve gastrectomy.

Better to talk a little bit about endoscopic gastric balloon placement too. It takes 15 minutes to place the gastric balloon in your stomach under general anesthesia. After gastric balloon placement, depending on the weight of the gastric balloon it makes a little bit nausea. Some patients determines this period after gastric balloon placement as a sensation of slight sickness in stomach. Vomiting after gastric balloon placement in first day can be observed. It takes 3 days after gastric balloon for your adaption. Because of it, we are recommending going back to work 3 days after endoscopic intragastric balloon placement.

Everyone has a different threshold for pain and nausea. So better to have your rest if you are feeling weak and dizzy and get in touch with your bariatric team if you have these symptoms.

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