Psychological Support After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery support

In a bariatric surgery team, psychologist is mandatory as well as bariatric dietitian and bariatric surgeon. Because of psychological support is very important after obesity surgery, like surgical support and nutritional support.

There is rapid weight loss period after the first month of weight loss surgery. Amount of weight loss may vary, but at first month after sleeve surgery transformation is prominent and can be observed from outside easily. But even this weight loss transformation may boost your mood, adaptation to it can be tough.

Emotional Hunger

The traumas experienced since childhood and the failure to solve these traumas force people to eat extra calorie and unhealthy foods. People believe that they cannot solve in their past and solve problems that make them unhappy. Eating makes them happy for a short time. That's what we call this situation 'Emotional Hunger’.

Childhood traumas, work stress, problems in marriage and private relationship, irrelevant family, parenting and many other things can cause emotional hunger. Emotional hunger is a condition that we frequently observe in patients after obesity surgery as it causes obesity. After obesity surgery, we can observe anxiety and unhappiness due to the thought of not being able to eat again. In fact, patients can eat whatever they were eating before, but in smaller portions, especially after sleeve surgery. Portions can be a little bit bigger after gastric bypasses (Mini gastric bypass, Roux en Y bypass and other types of obesity surgery). But we are not recommending you, start to eat bigger portions which will bring you extra calories. Get in touch with your bariatric nutritionist and your bariatric surgeon for better weight loss results.

Get Ready Mentally Before Obesity Surgery

That’s why we solve the past traumas by providing psychological support to post-operative patients and prevent them from feeling emotional hunger. I recommend you not to ignore psychological support if you think you feel emotional hunger or if you are going to have obesity surgery.

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