What is Endoscopic Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss?

Endoscopic gastric balloon for weight loss

Endoscopic gastric balloon is an alternative for who is looking for a weight loss solution without bariatric surgery despite diets.Endoscopic gastric balloon is placed under general anesthesia with endoscopy. It takes 15 minutes to check the stomach out and place the gastric balloon in stomach. It is an outpatient procedure, which means you don’t need to stay at hospital after the procedure. You can go to have your rest in your hotel and after that you can enjoy sightseeing in Istanbul or you can do your shopping if you would like to.

I would like to tell; gastric balloon is the crutch of diets. I mean, gastric balloon makes you feel satiety earlier, because of it occupies space in your stomach. So it makes to reach diet goals faster and easier. Depends on your starting weight, you may lose up to 45 lbs with gastric ballon and nutritional support.

There is two kinds of gastric balloons. Gastric balloon for one year and for six months. Gastric balloon for one year is a little bit more expansive. Results are almost same with both kinds of gastric balloon. Do not forget it is not about how long gastric balloon will stay in your stomach, it is about how good your nutrition will be and how much weight you will lose. If you will continue to consume high caloric food and beverages, you can even gain weight with your gastric balloon. So don’t forget it is the crutch of of diets.

Because of gastric balloon helps you to lose weight fast and it is an outpatient procedure, it become a popular weight loss option for wedding times.

It is important to know that, there is an antibacterial coating over the gastric balloons. That is why it needs to be removed at recommended time. There has no serious complications reported lately but years and years ago it has been reported gastric balloon rupture cases. This is why gastric balloons started to full fill with methylene blue. It provides early warning in case of leakage which we haven’t seen lately.

Gastric balloons are not recommended to; people who expects baby, who has prior operations from stomach, who has allergy against anti ulcer medication, who has ulcer or cancer in stomach. If you are wondering is it good for you? Better to contact with your physician.

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