Weight Loss Surgery Options

Weight loss surgery in Turkey

First of all bariatric surgery is not for everyone. Like any other kind of surgical procedure, bariatric surgery has its own indications.

Am I a Candidate for Bariatric Surgery?

There is many kinds of weight loss surgery options, such as; endoscopic gastric balloon placement, gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypasses. In these weight loss options; gastric balloon is an outpatient procedure which is done under general anesthesia with endoscopic intervention. Which means this not an operation.

Body mass index (BMI) is an indicator for decision making in bariatric surgery. There is many other indicators such as; body composition measurements and electric impedance measurements and so on. But most commonly used is body mass index. It is calculated as the body weight /surface are of your body( lbs/ m²).

Body mass index 20-25 indicates your normal (Ideal) weight. Body mass index more than 30 indicates obesity, body mass index more than 35 indicates severe obesity, body mass index more than 40 indicates morbid obesity and body mass index more than 50 indicates super (extreme) obesity.

Indications for Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Bariatric Surgery)

Body mass index greater than 40

Body mass index greater than 35 with comorbidities such as; High blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver disease, sleep apnea, high blood cholesterol levels, joint and heart diseases.

People who could not lose weight despite trying other methods of weight loss for a certain period of time.

According successful results of bariatric surgery on peoples quality of life, these criteria has been revised. Nowadays bariatric surgery is recommended for who has body mass index greater than 35 or 30 with comorbidities.

It will be better for you who has none of these conditions, try to lose weight with diet and exercises, bariatric surgery needs to be the last option for who cannot maintain to lose weight.

Is the Sleeve Surgery Dangerous?

Every surgical procedure has its own risks, so does bariatric surgery.

These risks of sleeve surgery is:

Shortness of breath, death, gall stones, bleeding

Blood clothing after sleeve surgery, nutritional deficiencies

Leakage after sleeve surgery (Anastomotic leak)

Abdominal abscess, incisional hernias.

In fact these are the common risks after intra abdominal operations. And it is a fact that risks of sleeve surgery is lower than the risks of cholecystectomy (Gall bladder removal).

What is the Side Effects of Sleeve Surgery?

Side effects and risks of bariatric surgery can be reduced with fully equipped hospitals and experienced bariatric teams. As frequent as you can be in contact with your bariatric team, you will better results of weight loss, in long term. There is studies in medical literature which shows that, if patients are in touch with their bariatric dietitian (Nutritionist) every week, they have better outcomes.

Because of sleeve surgery reduces the size of the stomach, there can be nutritional deficiencies after sleeve surgery such as; Vitamin D, B12 and iron, calcium elements. These can be replaced with good nutritional support and multivitamins if necessary.

Weight loss is fast in first 6 months after sleeve surgery. Because of this there needs to be a mental preparation and psychological adaption to your new self after weight loss transformation. Psychological support is so important as nutritional support after sleeve surgery. Also psychological support after sleeve surgery is good for controlling the emotional hunger.

Excess skin can be seen in elderly patients which is losing great amount of weight. Your daily protein intake per day after sleeve surgery and starting have your physical exercises earlier will help to resolve it. But for elderly and heavy patients may need further plastic surgery make over after sleeve surgery such as; tummy tuck after sleeve surgery.

Because of all of these aspects, bariatric teams which provides support for a long time with nutritionist and psychologist has better outcomes after sleeve surgery.

It will be better to look for outcomes of sleeve surgery, instead of concentrating on how much does sleeve surgery cost? We must accept that everyone has a budget. Will be better to think about weight loss is a good investment for your future and it adds 10 years of high quality of life.

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