Weight Loss Surgery Options for Obese Patients

Sleeve gastrectomy costs

Your weight as stones, age, hormonal balance, daily physical activity and your muscle mass all have an effect on the amount of calories that you can burn. It is not a myth that; if two of us eat same meal, one can lose weight and the other can be obese.

S.O.S (Swiss Obese Subjects) research represents that; losing weight by diet may not be permanent solution. In fact most of the weight you lose can be regained after diet period. This is called Yo-Yo effect of diets. In this research more than 90% of obese patients couldn’t lose weight permanently by diets.

This is one of the reasons why bariatric (Obesity) surgery became more popular world wide.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

First things first. Diet and exercises needs to be the first choice for weight loss.

For who wants to lose weight fast and looking for a weight loss option without staying hungry; gastric balloon can be an option.

Waist circumference greater than 102 cm in men, 88 cm in women or body mass index ( BMI) greater than 30 is evident obesity.

Gastric balloon is a weight loss solution for obese patients which can not be referred to surgery. Also it is a bridging method for super obese patients before their sleeve surgery (Sleeve gastrectomy).

Gastric Balloon: A Non Operative Weight Loss Method

Gastric balloon is contraindicated for who has; ulcer in stomach, allergies against anti ulcer medicine or who is on blood thinners.

Gastric balloon is an effective weight loss method, which can provide weight loss about 20% from excessive fat tissue. This means; you can lose up to 3 stones, depends on your starting weight.

Gastric balloon is a way to support diet. Gastric balloon provides better accommodation for diets and fastens weight loss. But it is depending on your eating habits and diet accommodation. If you cannot maintain your nutrition plan which is provided by your nutritionist/ dietitian, you may not able lose weight as fast as you are expecting to.

Gastric balloon is an outpatient procedure which is placed under general anesthesia. It takes about 15 minutes to insert the gastric balloon. It can stay up to 6-12 months depends on the type of the balloon. One hour after gastric balloon placement, patients can go back to their hotel. It takes 3 days of accommodation after gastric balloon. In this period nausea and throwing up can be seen. Gastric balloon costs are affordable in Turkey. Because of this we are recommending 3 days of hotel stay for patients which are coming from abroad.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

For those who can not maintain to lose weight despite diets, exercises or even with gastric balloon weight loss (Obesity/ Bariatric) surgery can be an option.

Indications for weight loss (Obesity/ Bariatric) surgery;

Body mass index (BMI) greater than 40, or 45 kg of excessive weight.

Body mass index (BMI) greater than 35 and co morbidities such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis, high blood cholesterol levels, digestive and heart diseases.

And can not maintain to lose weight despite other weight loss methods.

Lately Body mass index (BMI) greater than 35 and Body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 with co morbidities above is considered as indications for weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery is not for Everyone

Weight loss (Obesity/ Bariatric) surgery is not a miracle. Even after sleeve surgery (gastrectomy) you need to stay focused on your nutrition plan for better long term outcomes. As soon as you will have healthy eating habits, you will have better outcomes sooner.

The difference of post bariatric nutrition is; because of sleeve surgery (gastrectomy) there is no feeling of hunger for about 6 months, because of this it is much more easier to lose weight.

Do not forget; sleeve surgery or obesity surgery is not the easy way out. Sleeve surgery should be kept as an option for obese patients. Everyone of us should start to lose weight by diets and exercises if we need to.

Risks and Side Effects of Sleeve Gastrectomy

Every surgical intervention has its own risks. These are risks due to anesthesia drugs, shortness of breath, infection, death, gall stones, malnutrition, thrombus formation and hernias.

There is specific complications related to sleeve gastrectomy (surgery); acid reflux and leakage.

Risks of sleeve surgery is less than cholecystectomy.

Laparoscopic (Key Hole Surgery for) Sleeve Gastrectomy

Laparoscopy became the gold standart for sleeve gastrectomy (surgery) world wide. It has advantages such as; less pain, less risk for hernia and infection and shorter hospital stay.

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