Benefits of Consuming Fish After Obesity Surgery

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Everybody knows consuming fish is very beneficial for health. Now, it is time to consume delicious fish. But if you have had obesity surgery (Bariatric Surgery) and asked yourself about how you have started to consume fish, I wrote this blog post for you.

Fish is the one of the healthiest dishes of foods. It is rich in important nutrients such as protein, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and iodine.

What are the benefits of consuming fish after sleeve surgery?

Eating fish covers humans vitamins, minerals, quality proteins requirements, which humans are deficient about these nutrients. Fatty fish is the healthiest fish. Because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is important for improving brain functions and preventing some cerebrovascular diseases. Especially after bariatric surgery, such as sleeve surgery (Sleeve gastrectomy); we are recommending consuming omega-3 fatty acids to protect your joints.

Consuming fish makes your heart healthy. Most of studies have shown that consuming fish regularly is related to decrease death from heart attack, stroke and heart diseases. After sleeve surgery we are aiming to protect your muscle mass, including your heart tissue. According a study, which was done in the USA, it was done in greater than 400.000 men who consumed fish one or more servings of fish per week, they decreased risk to develop heart diseases about 15%.

Fish consumption is good for your brain after sleeve surgery

Consuming fish can improve your brain health. It is normal to decrease some brain function when you are getting old, but based on studies, if you consume more fish, you can decrease your chance to have mental problems. Depression is the one of the biggest problem. Strong diets and bariatric surgery including sleeve surgery also restricts calorie intake, so we are fighting with depressing as we are fighting with obesity. People who consumes fish regularly, they lowers risk to develop depression and bad mood. Fish is rich source of vitamin D. Salmon and herring are two important fish types which are loaded with vitamin D. In older age, you can face to develop eye health problems like age-related macular degeneration, blindness etc. You can prevent it by consuming fish. (omega-3 can prevent it.) and reduce risk to develop it about 42% in women.

In addtion that, it improves your sleep quality. If you have not had obesity surgery, we recommend to you consume fish 1-2 serving per week. If you have had obesity surgery, you can start consuming fish 4 weeks after your surgery in the follow-up of your doctor and dietitian. For example you can consume tuna fish with mayonnaise or tuna fish wiht labne cream cheese or white flakey fish etc. When you cook fish it must be mashed by the back of fork. Remember to eat slowly and chewing well.


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